Saturday, July 2, 2016

Unity in diversity is what describes us, the people of India, and we have unwittingly taught this to the ATMs. Every ATM has its own trait. Or better idiosyncrasy. Some don't want to hurt you by saying there's no cash. For them what matters is the relationship you maintain-your spending a few minutes with them is central to their happiness. After all money brings no happiness and ATMs strictly go by that philosophy. THE LATEST ATM INSTALLED NEARBY SAYS "AMOUNT YOU ENTERED IS WRONG" which according to the security simply means there's no cash! I am floored by his language skill!
Incredible India! They invite you. They insist. They keep calling again and again to remind you. And you go there, to get rid of that prick of conscience, guilt. You are greeted by a sign board which reads as ' Visitors vehicles not allowed' You feel stranded. You can't take reverse. For a change how about a sign board reading as " Only you are welcome. Sorry, not your vehicle" or " Your home is the best place to park your vehicle"