Sunday, March 23, 2014


To make full sense
Express it in   full faith
It will lose its essence

Why, even the ink that escapes
 The valves and walls of heart
Fails to reflect its sanguine spirit

 Lots of people call it love
With   lots of love laced on it

Conjuring up visions divine
In the fertile minds of poets benign
Entwined in the fragile decanters
Filled with wines gifted by the aliens
Flowing in the veins of heavenly bodies
Love loves to move in   elusive   loops
Mystique ecstasy being central to it

Of all the immense pleasure
That came God’s way
In creating the world
 And its beings till today
We   too but feel its traces
In our world of   togetherness
 Into which nothing could stray

Leave love alone
When in its purest form
For a thorn in the flower’s company
Causes no harm on its own

Nature being love’s literature
How could one being
Capture it in one’s own way?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Is the purpose of education buying a car?


This refers to a TV commercial being aired nowadays. The said TVC is about a car brand. There is nothing wrong about it. In the guise of promoting the car, it is conveying a message to the kids of most impressionable age. Now this is what I find objectionable.
In the TVC an adult persuades a group of kids into believing that purpose of education is buying a car! He takes the kids not willing to go to school in his car and on reaching the school he gives them a piece of advice that if they study well they too can buy a car like he did! Great!
 Is it so? Is this what we are supposed to tell our kids? Kids and education are as highly irrelevant as the message is here- that is most vulgar and irresponsible. I am surprised to find that there is no widespread condemnation against this TVC. Or is it that our society has accepted making money as the sole purpose of education? This is also a classic example of creativity going overboard, least concerned about the consequences of the creation.